Changes in CF3461 Instructions for FTZ Removals

General detailed instructions for all importers in preparing this form are found in Customs Directive 3550-29, dated May 6, 1988, titled Customs Form 3461, Entry/Immediate Delivery; Instructions for Preparation. The following instructions should be noted by importers filing consumption entries for the transfer of merchandise from foreign-trade zones:

Item 1 - The arrival date is the date of presentation of the entry to Customs.

Item 3 - The entry type code for FTZ merchandise is 06 for consumption and 08 for deferred duty program shipments to Canada.

Item 14 - This block should include the FIRMS Code.

Item 15 - If the merchandise has been maintained in inventory under the lot system, insert the lot number.

Item 22 - Instead of the IT/BL/AWE number insert, the zone status the merchandise.

Item 23 - Since there is no manifest, insert the number of packages to be released. If the unpacked, insert the number of pieces. If in bulk, insert the quantity in the units in which the merchandise is sold or shipped.

Items 12, 13, 16, 17, 18, and 21 should not be filled out.

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