Changes in CF7501 Instructions for FTZ Removals

General detailed instructions for all importers in preparing the CF-7501 are found in Customs Directive 099 3550-061, dated September 18, 1992, titled instructions for Preparation of CF 7501. The following instructions should be noted by importers filing entry summaries for merchandise transferred from foreign trade zones for consumption:

Item 2 - Insert Entry Type Code 06 (or 08 as applicable).

Item 15 - Country of Origin (CoO): for foreign-trade zone consumption entries, regardless of marking or other country of origin considerations, for the purposes of reporting the CoO on the entry summary, the Coo should be shown as the Coo of the foreign articles or foreign components of articles. If components of articles are from more than one country, report the CoO of the components with the greatest aggregate value. Where there are several line items with different CoO's, insert MULTI in this field and show on each line item the CoO. NOTE: For statistical purposes, the Bureau of the Census cannot accept U.S. as the CoO on Entry Type 06.

Item 21 - Where there is more than one MID number for different line items, insert MULTI in this field and show on each line item the MID number.

Item 23 - Insert "FTZ" followed by zone or subzone number. Also, for textiles and textile products subject visa, quota, or export license requirements, insert lot number as provided in Section 11.9(d) FTZM.

Item 25 - State the FIRMS number for the location when known.

Item 28 - Zone -status (NPF-PF-ZR) shall be reflected on the same line as the HTSUS number.

Do not fill in Items 13, 14, 17, 18, 19, 20, 24, 26, and 27.

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