Instructions for Filling Out CF7512 “IT” Zone Removal

General instructions for all importers and carriers in preparing Customs Form 7512 are found in Customs Directive 3240-36 and superseding issuances. The following instructions should be noted by zone users filing entry for transportation from a foreign-trade zone:

1. Upper Left Hand Corner - After "Entry No.", show lot number, if merchandise controlled under lot system.

2. Upper Right Hand Corner - Be sure to show class of entry as "IT".

3. In-bond via - Usually, only the bonded carrier's name would appear here. However, if the merchandise is to be carted to another location for delivery to the bonded carrier, show also the name and CHL number of the cartman. In this case, the reverse side of Customs Form 7512 may be filled out in lieu of Customs Form 6043, as noted in Appendix G. Also, after the name of the bonded carrier, show in parentheses the custodial bond number and IR number to be obligated for transportation.

4. Goods now at - Show "FTZ" along with the applicable zone and site number, and if applicable, the location where the goods are held.

5. 0cean space in middle of form - Show here remarks required in Sec. 146.62(b)(2) CR and, where applicable, Sections 146.66(b), and 146.70(c) and (d) CR. Show also here any discrepancies noted by the carrier upon receipt, with concurrences and seal notations.

6. To the Inspector or Warehouse Officer - The signature of the Customs officer in this space usually constitutes the permit for removal of the merchandise from the zone for transportation. However, in rare cases, a Customs officer may physically supervise the transfer from the zone, in which case, the removal permit will be shown in the lower left hand corner in the space beginning with "Delivered to the carrier..."

7. Received from the Port Director - The dated signature of the carrier here relieves the zone operator from responsibility for the merchandise and transfers the responsibility to the carrier. Any discrepancies should be noted in the open space in the middle of the form.

8. Port director of Customs at - must show the Port name as well as the Port code.

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